Discover your path to self-empowerment and transformative growth with Bold Moves Coaching & Consulting

The Bold Approach

We believe the notion that life’s most significant rewards often come from its boldest endeavors and outside of the comfort zone. Our guiding principle is simple: Your potential knows no bounds, and with the right partnership on your journey, you will be empowered to own your narrative and transform potential into reality.

Our Mission

To partner with individuals on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Through expert coaching & training, we work hand in hand with you to cultivate the trust, safety and courage needed to pursue your boldest dreams and unlock your infinite potential.

Coaching Services

Unlocking Personal & Professional Potential

Empower yourself to re-take the reigns of your life and navigate your personal journey with confidence and purpose. Whatever your goals may be, we will partner together to clarify your values, and develop the skills and mindset needed to lead a more fulfilling, balanced and successful future.

Making bold and transformative strides in your professional life can be intimidating. In a world of evolving opportunities and shifting landscapes, we offer the guidance and strategy you need to confidently pursue a new career path and chase your dreams. If you’re ready to make a bold move, we’re here to set your compass to success.

Navigate corporate culture shifts seamlessly with our transformative programs at Bold Moves Coaching. From Change Resilience to Inclusive Leadership, equip your team with the essentials for success. Make bold moves and shape the future of your company’s culture.

Speaking Services

Transformative Speaking for Success and Growth

At Bold Moves Coaching & Consulting, we offer transformative speaking services designed to ignite journeys of self-discovery and empowerment. Our expert international keynote speakers deliver thought-provoking talks, sessions, and workshops, aimed at inspiring individuals to tap into their true potential and make their boldest dreams a reality.

In every speaking engagement, we create a safe and supportive platform that fosters courage and growth. Our powerful narratives and practical strategies resonate with audiences, equipping them with the tools needed to step beyond their comfort zones. Partner with us, and let’s unlock your limitless potential together.

About Me

Andrew Beaulieu

Starting my career in my family’s General Contracting business, I spent 16 transformative years honing skills in Communication, Project Management, Critical Thinking, and Customer Service. But it was my passion for people that truly defined my path. As Vice-President, my role expanded to include coaching and mentoring our staff, sparking a new passion that led me to a bold career shift.

Now a certified coach and public speaker, I use a balance of neuroscience, positive psychology, and expert coaching to create a dynamic, uplifting, and transformational experience for individuals ready to unlock their limitless potential. Life’s most rewarding moments, come once you step out of your comfort zone

Core Values


To act with honesty, transparency, and fairness in all aspects of the business. To treat all clients and partners with dignity, empathy and understanding.


To strive for excellence in all coaching services and programs offered, and to constantly innovate and improve. To foster a culture of ongoing learning and professional development.


To encourage genuine, trust-based relationships with others. To prioritize being real and sincere in all interactions to foster a safe environment for coaching.


Transformative Journeys Shared

"It has been my privilege to get to know Andrew Beaulieu first as a fellow student in Coach U training classes and then through a reciprocal coaching relationship for the past 6 months.

I have been greatly encouraged and helped through coaching sessions with Andrew that were particularly helpful during a time of vocational transition. Andrew’s coaching skills were very valuable and helped me with both personal and professional goal setting and decision making.

Andrew has proven his leadership skills as a vice president of Dama Construction company for the last 3 years. I have watched him prepare and train and transition to his current coaching and speaking practice over the past year. I would highly recommend Andrew Beaulieu as a life and leadership coach as well as a speaker and facilitator for life and leadership events and seminars.."
Gregg Zackary
Oasis Pastor, Mobberly Baptist Church.
Life and Leadership Coach, Restoring Hope X 4.
“ I have found a safe place to express my deepest feelings and emotions with Andrew. He is very respectful, and has allowed me to be vulnerable, and helped me tremendously in finding paths in my life that I otherwise wouldn’t have discovered. He is patient, and lets people take time to sort things out without interrupting. I have felt heard and supported throughout this process.”
Madeleine Gross
"I had the privilege of working with Andrew as my Coach, and I can wholeheartedly recommend him.  His coaching style is incredibly empowering but also fun, and he has a unique ability to uncover one's strengths and areas for growth. Andrew's insightful questions not only improved my self-awareness but also boosted my confidence. If you're seeking a coach who is knowledgeable, supportive, and genuinely invested in your success, Andrew is the perfect choice. I can't thank him enough for the positive impact he's had on my journey."
Brittany S
Business Owner